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The Development Trend of Baby Swing

Feb 02 , 2023

It is reported, the global sales of the baby swing market reached millions US dollars in 2016. And during the outbreak period of the global epidemic from 2020, it still reached more than millions US dollars even although the sales of baby swings was affected. Economic experts predict that baby swing will continue to rise at a stable rate of 1.00% during the decade of 2023-2033. The growth rate of data is slower than before the outbreak due to the epidemic, but it is generally an increasing trend.

Why is that so?

Firstly, the rapid increase in the number of newborn babies around the world would naturally drives the growth of the baby swing demand market. Secondly, parents in developing countries are becoming more conscious about the importance of baby care, and their lifestyles are currently changing due to the rising of income as well as purchasing power. Thus growing the demand for baby products, and expanding continuously the market share of baby swings, and then certainly would promote the upgrading of baby swings. However, the largest demand for baby swings is still in developed North America, Europe or some developed countries. The busy life in developed countries forces parents to take care of their babies while doing their housework and working at home, which greatly promotes the emergence of automatic products - electric baby swing.

Electric baby swing are a major innovation in the swing market and the most popular type of product. Its humanized design provides infants with the warmth and comfort like mother's arms. Its multi-functional design can greatly attract the baby's attention, allowing parents to have a short precious time to focus on the busyness of housework and work. Of course, the classic manual swing baby swing is still favored by most parents because of its favorable price, stable safety, and simple operation.

Yo Baby Keeps up with the demand changes in the international market, we provide professional baby products as much as high price electric baby swing or classic manual baby swing or others. We not only provide baby swings at different prices for parents of different family economies, we also constantly keep developing new styles, to provide consumers with more product choices and more considerate services.