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What functions of a bedside crib should you pay attention to?

Dec 03 , 2023

Before considering the various functions, the most important to consider is safety. You should focus on the safety of the materials used, the structure of the crib, and how it is intended to be used. Ensuring the safety of your baby should be your top priority. All Yo Baby bedside cribs meet safety standards.


Another important aspect is functionality. Bedside cribs can have various functions, such as being a standalone crib, a bedside sleeper, a standalone cradle or even a playpen.


Height options are also worth considering. The more height options a bedside crib has, the more versatile it can be in fitting different bed heights.


Ease of movement is another factor to consider. Cribs with wheels make it easier to move the crib from one room to another.


Foldability is also a feature to look for. A foldable crib takes up less space for storage and makes it easier to transport.


The material of the crib frame is important as well. Crib frames are commonly made of solid wood, iron or aluminum. Solid wood frames may be prone to deformation and mold growth in high humidity conditions.


Yo Baby cribs are made of iron steel frame or aluminum frame with fabric. They have a sleek design and are suitable for babies from birth to 36 months. Whether you are new parents looking for a crib or relatives seeking a gift for a newborn baby, Yo Baby cribs are a reasonable and nice choice.