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Is It Necessary to Buy A Baby Swing? How Old the Baby Can Use the Baby Swing?

Dec 24 , 2022

Baby swing, a kind of baby chair used when the baby can only lie down but cannot sit independently. The main function is, on the one hand, the baby swing can comfort the baby, make them feel satisfied, reduce their crying, and promote their brain development. On the other hand, it can liberate mothers to a certain extent, it is a necessary role in baby's growth. However, it should be attention not to keep the baby in a shaking state for a long time when using the baby swing, because it might affect the baby's body development.

Is it necessary to buy a baby swing? The existence of baby electric rocking chair must have its rationality, just imagine this picture, your baby is so sweet and quiet in the first three months. But when they got a little older, they became active and rowdy, and don’t want to sleep anymore, they always wants to be hugged by you, they cry loudly as long as they cannot see their mama. But mama would feel physically and mentally exhausted because it is impossible for everyone to stay enthusiastic and positive at all times. Whether it is necessary to buy the baby swing, it depends mainly on the character of your baby. If your baby is fussy and difficult to fall asleep, then maybe you really need one.

Plus, many novice mothers have great doubts about the function of the baby swing for they are not sure whether the baby swing will influence the baby's growth if they use it. In fact, the shaking effect of the baby swing can stimulate the baby's brain so that it can be continuously perceived, and so sends out strong signals to the brainstem vestibular system to promote the baby’s brain development. As long as it is used appropriately according to the expert advice, it is good for your baby.

How old the baby can use the baby swing? Generally speaking, the baby swing is suitable for children over three months old. It is not recommending to use the baby swing when the baby is less than three months old, because of the relatively fragile baby's bones and spine are.

In addition, when the baby is sitting or lying in the baby swing, parent needs to be on the side to watch over it, so as to avoid any accidents. Besides, we suggest parents not to keep your baby sit in the rocking chair for a long time but to use it for a while when the parents are busy or when the baby is crying and needs to be comforted. Then play with your baby so they can have some activities to grow their brain and body more healthier.